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Theraputix understands that 99% of a patient's life takes place outside of the clinic. That is why we develop software and products which deliver a unified patient experience between patients and healthcare professionals to deliver a quantifiable superior outcome.


altRx is a artificial intelligence powered unified patient experience software suite which gives healthcare professionals a window into a patient's journey outside the clinic. Our apps and dashboard can be customized for various protocols to quantifiably track desired outcomes.

Whether its a large pharmaceutical company conducting a clinical trial, or a single healthcare professional seeking deeper engagement with their patients, AltRx has the tools to achieve results.

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Paid Public Toilets that Check Your Health
We all know that the majority of healthcare costs stem from preventable diseases. To make matters worse, New York state faces a 37% shortage of primary care physicians, and New York City has one of the lowest public bathrooms per resident ratios of anywhere in the developed world. Enter OutHouse, clean paid public toilets that check your health.

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