Your Patient Journey

A Window into Life Outside the Clinic

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App Features

  • Dashboard

    Our dashboard shows clear quantitative progress over time

  • Assesments

    Detailed patient assessments which can be tailored for each specific protocol

  • Location Insights

    Physical location is one of clearest determinants of preventable disease

  • Medicinal Intake

    Search and add drug/supplements and time stamp to track adherence

  • Health History

    A categorical detail of patient health history, and goals for the future

  • Nutritional Intake

    Easily track dietary consumption and detailed nutritional data

  • Activity Tracking

    We consume all personal activity data from mobile devices

  • Real-Time Symptom Tracking

    Track reported patient symptoms in real time


Whether its a pharmaceutical company conducting a clinical trial, or a healthcare professional seeking deeper engagement with their patients, our bespoke web based dashboard can give a clear quantitative picture of your patient population.

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